Plug in for e-commerce platforms and marketplaces that allows you to finance your merchants easily.

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What can you earn?


Financing your merchants will give you a new significant revenue stream, bigger ARPU and GMV.


Financing services will become an important feature that will complement the ecosystem built for all your merchants' needs.


Use case

Do you feel that your merchants would grow faster if they have more clients or stock?

Give them access to purpose financing directly on your platform. We deliver technology, processes and capital to help you meet their needs within a few hours. You know their numbers so let us help you help them. 


How it works?

Step 01

Install Erbeo's plugin on your platform

Step 02

Provide access to your transactional data via API

Step 03

Dynamic offers are shown to your merchants

Step 04

Erbeo takes care of the whole process

Step 05

Collect your revenue share from every product


Same day implementation. Effortless and easy, with no development needed. If any costs we cover it!

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No maintenance on your side. We operate all your products, run the whole process and provide capital.

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You get a wide range of financial products, co-branded web panel and mobile app. Your own financing services ready to use.

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What does Erbeo deliver?

Your financial products

Advance Merchant Payment

Speeding up payments for your merchants already earnd or just booked in advance.

User Acquisition Financing

Delivering new clients for your merchants’ products and services leading to increase in revenue.

Stock Financing

Providing your merchants with stock they need to buy and sell, but without using their own cash flow.

Debit Card

Co-branded multicurrency debit card for your merchants payments and collections.


Free of charge EUR, PLN and USD accounts with easy and cheap international transfers.

Additional Products

Foreign exchange transactions, and credit lines.

Ask us about Erbeo

Contact us if you have any questions or would like the Erbeo plug in.